Date: October, 2009
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Contractor: Levelift Systems
Engineer: Phil Shied, P.E.

Cracks can occur in practically all concrete structures. Causes of these cracks include improper concrete mix, rapid concrete curing, improper expansion control joints, premature removal of concrete forms, compressible and expansive soil, premature backfilling, improper compaction of fill soil, expansive clay soils, uneven moisture around the structure, plumbing leaks, poor drainage, and hydrostatic water pressure.
Concrete pools can develop cracks due to downshifting of the earth below them, erosion of the concrete, and hot and cold weather affecting the temperature of the water.
In this case, an inground concrete pool suffered a large number of cracks in need of repair.

Many underground concrete pools suffer from cracking, movement and lack of reinforcement. As water leaks out of cracks it also increases the hydrostatic pressure. Many pools must be repaired on an annual basis.

Material Used: Fortress Countersunk Staples along with Epoxy injections


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