Date: April, 2008
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Contractor: Expert Basement Repair
Engineer: N/A

In this case the beam pocket was placed too close to corner of basement wall. With the garage slab resting on above back side, this caused serious cracking and potential failure.

Foundation cracks in the corner of your home's foundation indicates a shift in the structure since construction. Small concrete cracks that appear slowly over time indicate minor settling of your home, but these should be watched closely for expansion. Cracks may also appear suddenly because of earthquake, storms, or shifts in the soil. Some ofd these cracks may be serious and simple patching with concrete is not a simple fix - it just covers up the problem. Corner cracks need special attention.

14 course high un-reinforced 12" cement block basement wall failure. The corner of the inside basement/garage wall had broken and pulled away. Other cracking was evident but the corner repair was urgent.

With the critical corner now stabilized, the customer will have the remainder of his basement walls stabilized with Fortress 4" grid straps in the future as his budget allows.

The vertical corner crack was injected with Fortress toughened epoxy and allowed to set up. A Fortress "corner stabilization kit" was then installed with 2' spacing between the four grids. Because the walls had not yet been painted, installation took only a few hours.


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