Date: April, 2013
Location: Cleveland, OH
Contractor: Expert Basement Repair
Engineer: N/A

Concrete structures and foundations that experience damage, need to be repaired and reinforced properly or the damage will continue and create greater problems in the future.

In this case, a damaged and bowing foundation was improperly repaired with I-beams. The result was continued bowing and deterioration of the foundation requiring a complete rebuild of one wall and the remaining foundation needing reinforcement using corner straps and Carbon Kevlar straps.

Foundation had steel I-Beam installed previously. They, however, were undersized and not tied into the joists properly allowing walls to continue to move. One wall was in need of total rebuild remaining foundation was reinforced using corner straps and Carbon Kevlar straps. Once painted, you can barely see the repair unlike the remaining steel I-Beams.


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