Date: September, 2007
Location: Residential poured foundation, Detroit MI
Contractor: Witherow & Associates
Engineer: Ternullo, Stephen R & Associates

In this case study, corner of the home appeared to be settling due to old sanitary pipe deterioration.
Homeowner did not want pier cost only to repair cracks. Using the staples along with epoxy injections will show if piers are necessary if cracking continues.

Concrete foundations are not the only application of concrete walls. Concrete is commonly used to create barrier walls, retaining walls, and fences to name a few applications. Concrete in these structures can also crack from a variety of reasons and need repair to restore their structural integrity.

Material Used: Fortress unidirectional countersunk staples

Epoxy injection combined with countersunk staples.
Repair completed in 4 hours - next day ready for occupancy.


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