Date: June, 2009
Location: Cleveland, OH
Contractor: Expert Basement Repair
Engineer: N/A

Top of poured concrete wall was sliding inward.

Top of poured concrete wall was sliding inward due to lack of proper sill plate connection. Previous methods were very intrusive. Typically steel I beams or steel angle iron would have been used. The Neckties can be easily hidden by insulation in between the joists at the rim board.

Non-weight bearing wall...thus the joists running parallel with the wall. Several obstacles to work around. Drill holes and a long extension were used to install neckties to rim board.

Material Used: Kevlar Necktie top wall Anchor System

Six Kevlar Neckties can be installed in less than 1 hour with no obstructions this unit with tight area did take 1 day. The Neckties have a pullout from the rim board of 6,000 psi and the load is distributed in between joists.


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