Date: June, 2010
Location: New Construction Water Park, Pennsylvania
Contractor: Ram Jack of Tri States
Engineer: N/A

Concrete has good vertical strength but poor horizontal strength. Because of this lack of horizontal strength, reinforcement with rebar or other methods is necessary. Sometimes, concrete reinforcement is not included in the original design or is forgotten during the pouring of the concrete. Under such circumstances, it is advisable that reinforcement be incorporated after the fact.

Many different size columns were cast in place as designed for foundation of various water slides. Vertical rebar cages were used, however; horizontal ties were missing during pour. Carbon fiber wrap was applied to add shear capacity that was missing from horizontal ties.
Material Used: Fortress 300 gsm unidirectional carbon fiber tow sheet w/ 4550 Epoxy resin

Column wraps were installed in less than 3 days and project was concluded with Fortress 105 epoxy coating which allowed construction to continue and water park to open on July 4th deadline.


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