Permanent Repair with Carbon Fiber

Fix basement walls permanently with Fortress Stabilization Systems


Your bowed or cracked foundation wall can be permanently and near seamlessly repaired with carbon-fiber products from Fortress Stabilization.

The History and Strength of Carbon Fiber

Until a few years ago carbon fiber was exclusive to aerospace and military – where cost was not a consideration. Now carbon fiber is produced in large quantity, in an assortment of forms, and utilized in a wide variety of industries. The increased production lowered the cost into the range for residential, commercial, and industrial construction and restorations.

Studies conducted over the last 20 years confirm that carbon fiber is an extremely strong, durable and safe product. Carbon fiber does not rust nor is it susceptible to alkali deterioration. Once carbon fiber is encapsulated in an epoxy matrix it’s strength is locked in. It will not stretch, creep, or bend over time thus making it perfect for reinforcing concrete walls.

Fortress Stabilization is committed to developing products with the performance characteristics of this material in a simple reliable application method. When Fortress introduced their Carbon Fiber/Kevlar™ Grid system they revolutionized the basement and foundation wall reinforcement industry with quality, strength and a level of standard that is second to none. A bowed basement wall repaired and reinforced with Fortress carbon fiber will never bow again.

Carbon fiber is now a proven popular alternative to steel for reinforcing structural substrates in residential and commercial applications. Carbon fiber is highly effective at adding tensile strength to concrete. Its effectiveness surpasses steel since it is stronger, stiffer and non-corrosive. Fortress carbon fiber is so superior that other methods of basement wall are now obsolete.

The advantages of the Fortress Stabilization System:

  • Cost effective
  • Stronger than steel
  • Non obtrusive – lays flat to substrate
  • No destructive attachments made to the floor or ceiling
  • Inclusion of Kevlar™ provides additional shear strength.
  • Grid is fully encapsulated in epoxy anchoring it in place
  • Able to conform to bowed walls
  • Can be easily painted for a smooth clean look
  • Quick labor saving installation
  • As possible all materials are made in the USA
  • Fortress epoxy is superior to all other products on the market.