Fortress Warranty and Guarantee

Fix basement walls permanently with Fortress Stabilization Systems


You can get the best product warranty available in the construction industry today

The Fortress Stabilization Systems warranty provides for replacement of defective components should a Fortress carbon kevlar grid strap fail from lateral loading or workmanship of material due to manufacturers defects.

Warranty Given through Certified Installers

Fortress Stabilization Systems conditionally warrants the Fortress carbon Kevlar grid strap system for the lifetime of the foundation. Product is covered by warranty only when installed by a certified Fortress Stabilization Systems installer. Additionally, the warranty is conditional on the recording of the warranty within 30 days of installation of Fortress Stabilization Systems, LLC carbon Kevlar grid straps. Warranty is transferable to a new owner only when the new owner transfers the warranty within 30 days of purchase of home. Failure to properly record warranty and/or properly transfer warranty to new owner within allotted time period (30 days) will void this warranty offer.


Product is covered by warranty only when installed by a certified Fortress Stabilization Systems installer. Fortress will pay in full for materials and labor to install I-Beams or furnish new Fortress replacement product and labor, as replacement for defective material. A Fortress certified Installer must be engaged to make the necessary repairs.

EXCLUSIONS: Failure due to acts of nature, including but not limited to; earthquake, flood, fire, etc, or collision by equipment or vehicle.This warranty covers the quality of Fortress carbon Kevlar grid strap components. Fortress certified installer is not an acting agent of Fortress Stabilization Systems. If a warranty issue should arise, contact both installer and Fortress Stabilization Systems at (800) 207-6204.

Limitations of the Fortress Stabilization Warranty – Carbon Kevlar Grid Strap: Fortress Stabilization Systems, LLC may be applied to foundation that is within the specifications set forth by the International Concrete Repair Institutes.. Fortress Stabilization Warranty excludes foundation settlement. Manufacturer recommends substrate to be dry and free of debris. Carbon Kevlar grid strap must be laminated perpendicular to fault of crack. Special consideration should be given to abnormal structural movement such as courses of wall sliding or substrates leaning inward from lack of compression loads. In some of these instances, Fortress carbon Kevlar grid strap may be used in conjunction with other materials.

*Please note:There is a $100 charge to transfer a warranty to a new homeowner.