Case Studies

Fix basement walls permanently with Fortress Stabilization Systems


Case Studies with Fortress Carbon Fiber

The best way to understand the various applications and uses of Fortress Stabilization’s products is to examine the various case studies identified below. These case studies do not explore all the uses and applications of carbon fiber reinforcement, but rather, only give a general view of the most common applications. After all, carbon fiber reinforcements with products from Fortress Stabilization have unlimited applications. The only limiting factor is your imagination.

Residential Applications

Shear Pin Straps
Saving the foundation, saving renovation expenses.
July, 2016
Carbon Anchors with Straps
Carbon Kevlar Grid straps, Kevlar neckties, Carbon Anchors, and Carbon Staples
June, 2016
Glazed Tile Foundation
Stabilization of horizontal cracking in glazed tile foundation
March, 2016
Brick Foundation Repair
Dealing with the unique challenges of a brick foundation
February, 2016
Reverse Brick Ledge
Expert Basement Repair
July, 2014
Residential Wall Repair
Repair of structural crack in poured foundation wall with structural foam.
April, 2014
Slab Floor Repair
New construction slab flooring developed large crack.
March, 2014
Failing Residential Foundation
Improper foundation repair with I-beams required partial rebuild and reinforcement.
April, 2013
Residential Foundation Distress
A luxury home suffered foundation distress due to poor construction methods and hydrostatic soil pressure.
April, 2011
Residential Basement Repair
A sill plate or sole plate in construction and architecture is the bottom horizontal member of a wall or building to which vertical members are attached.
March, 2011
Precast Sandwich Panels
Increasing compression, shear and tensile strength of under-designed foundation walls.
February, 2011
Home Foundation Replacement
Sometimes, as a result of flooding, excessive humidity, soil pressures, and poor constructyion material, a foundation may become deteriorated beyond repair.
April, 2010
Concrete Pool Repair
Many pools must be repaired on an annual basis.
October, 2009
Kevlar Necktie Anchor System
Top of poured concrete wall was sliding inward.
June, 2009
Corner Concrete Wall Crack Repair
Use of corner grid strap kit to stabilize foundation wall.
April, 2008
Home Foundation Repairs / Stabilization
Countersunk Staple to stabilize foundation wall.
September, 2007
Family Residence Foundation Repair
Use of Fortress Carbon/Kevlar to repair fractured foundation.
June, 2004
Foundation Shear Slide
Exterior hydrostatic soil pressure can have a dramatic effect on the stability of your foundation and basement walls

Commercial Applications

Expert Parking Garage
Design is for carbon grid straps along with steel.
October, 2017
Beam Repair
Concrete beam under designed to allow additional loading
April, 2017
Reverse Brick Ledge
Expert Basement Repair
July, 2014
Bridge Repair
Use of Fortress L-Brackets/V-Lam to repair SR92 Bridge
Clay Brick
Use of Fortress Carbon/Kevlar to compensate construction under-designed for code wind loads.
April, 2005
Overpass Repair
Use of Fortress Carbon/Kevlar to repair joints on highway overpass.
November, 2005
Highway Repair
Use of Fortress Carbon/Kevlar to waterproof segmental joints on highway.
January, 2006
Bridge Column Repair
Use of Carbon Fiber Fabric to repair damaged bridge column
November, 2006
Hotel Balcony
Use of Pre-cured Pre-preg w/peel-ply column wrap to repair Hotel Balcony.
September, 2007
Chevron Mine
Use of Fortress Carbon Kevlar Grid to reinforce mine draw points
December, 2007
Food Processing Plant
Use of Unidirectional Tow Sheet & 4550 Epoxy Resin
February, 2009
Historic Building
Removal of building facade and removal of building structure.
April, 2010
Water Park
Reinforcement of Columns for water slide.
June, 2010
Historic Commercial Building
Retrofit building design for commercial use and wind load codes.
September, 2010
Bridge Column
Reinforcement of highway-bridge column.
April, 2012
Concrete Beams
Strengthen Concrete Beams for shear reinforcement.
April, 2013
Parking Garage
Metal pan concrete deck did not bond to Nelson Studs.
May, 2015
Bridge Reinforcement
Carbon anchors used to reinforce bridge.
July, 2016