Basement Wall Crack Repair

There are 3 types of wall movements that lead to basement wall cracks and failures. Proper wall repair requires a 3-part system for a complete solution.

Bowed Wall Solution

carbon strapA basement wall that is cracked and bowing is repaired using our Carbon-Kevlar strap. Fortress has the strongest strap and system available. The strap keeps the wall from further bowing. The Fortress strap uses our Epoxy Rivet Technology (ERT) which forms a 2-part adhesive bond that acts like 8,000 mechanical rivets ensuring that your wall is stronger than the original.

Sheared Wall Solution

bottom anchorA basement wall that is cracked and sheared needs to be repaired using our bottom anchor that attaches to our Carbon-Kevlar strap. Because preventing shear requires strength, we made our bottom anchor over 5 times thicker and 125 times stiffer than the competition. We use a dual leg solution with specific contact lengths engineered to achieve a 200% safety factor. Our bottom plate anchor is the best in the industry.

Tipped Wall Solution

top anchorA basement wall that is tipped needs to be repaired using our top anchor that attaches to our Carbon-Kevlar strap. The Fortress top anchor is mechanically fastened to the rim joist to engage with the building’s floor system, providing a stronger, more durable anchor. Fortress has the only top anchor that utilizes post-tensioning technology. This prevents any movement of the basement wall.

The Fortress System uses Carbon Fiber that is stronger than steel.

Learn more about how it strengthens your basement wall.

Fortress has a complete system for a complete solution.

Engineered and tested to provide the strongest anchoring system top to bottom.

The Fortress System is the only one that is ICC-ES certified.

The only system with ICC-ES building code certification. Why does that matter?

Fortress offers the best Lifetime Warranty in the industry

We ensure that you, and any future homeowner can be confident in the repair.

Ready to get your basement wall permanently fixed?

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