Data Sheets

ICC-ES Information Sheets

ICC-ES Evaluation Report

Fortress Carbon-Kevlar Strap Spacing Tables

Fortress Carbon Grid Strap Design Manual

Safety Data Sheets

MSDS Fortress 4000 Adhesive Part A

MSDS Fortress 4000 Hardener Part B

Product Data Sheets

Fortress 4000 Adhesive Data Sheet

Fire Testing

University of Miami Certification Testing Inspection

Fortress Marketing Material

Logo for Linking to Fortress Website

Please download the Fortress logo and add it to your website and link it back to the Fortress home page. This will indicate that you are an approved Fortress installer and you can direct clients to our site for further information.

Fortress Brochure

The Fortress ICC-ES 4-Page brochure is available for viewing, printing, or to download and send as additional information about our product.