How Carbon Fiber Straps Work To Repair Your Wall

The Shoe Box Analogy

Here is a way to help visualize how a carbon fiber repair strengthens a cracked basement wall:

Imagine thirteen shoe boxes stacked on top of each other. This represents the bricks in your basement wall. Hold your hand on the top of the wall. This represents the first floor. In a basement the first floor holds the top of the basement in place. One side of the boxes represents the interior wall and the other side is the exterior wall, in contact with soil around your home. If you press on the “exterior” side of the boxes, simulating outside soil pressure, you can make the stack of boxes bow inward. Now, suppose you were to place a strip of duct tape along the stack (from top to bottom) on the side that represents the interior of the basement wall. If you were then to press on the exterior side of the boxes, the wall will hold. The tape, under tension, holds the wall in place.

This is a simple analogy of how the Fortress system works. But, of course, a Fortress carbon fiber repair is incredibly strong…

Fortress Carbon Fiber Is Four Times Stronger Than Steel

Fortress Carbon Fiber has a tensile strength of 234,700 psi (pounds per square inch). As a comparison, steel has a tensile strength of about 53,000 psi. Thus, our carbon fibers are four times stronger than steel, not to mention much lighter than both steel and aluminum.

  • Fortress Carbon Fiber = 234,700 psi
  • Steel = 53,700 psi
  • Competitor Carbon Fiber = 51,571 psi
  • Aluminum: 45,000 psi

Fortress has a complete system for a complete solution.

Engineered and tested to provide the strongest anchoring system top to bottom.

The Fortress System is the only one that is ICC-ES certified.

The only system with ICC-ES building code certification. Why does that matter?

Fortress offers the best Lifetime Warranty in the industry

We ensure that you, and any future homeowner can be confident in the repair.

Ready to get your basement wall permanently fixed?

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