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Concrete Crack Repair System

The grid system by Fortress revolutionizes concrete crack repair by combining carbon fiber stitching embedded in a structural epoxy adhesive. It has been both lab and real-world tested to be stronger and more reliable than any other crack repair methods. 

Grid Stitch Product Photo

Switch To The Stitch

2X's The Strength

1. Strength

Lab and real-world testing shows 1,000 lbs of more carbon strength and 4,000 lbs of more overall strength when compared to lock-style stitch. No ends popping off!

1/2 The Cost

2. Cost

Our material is made in our factory in the USA, and not imported. This keeps our costs lower and provides pricing to our contractors far below that of the competition.

1/2 The Time

3. Simplicity

The Grid Stitch installs in about half the time of competitive products and requires fewer tools.

The Science Behind The Strength

What makes The Grid Stitch so much stronger?

The Grid Stitch With Epoxy Rivet Technology

Epoxy Flows Through A Fiber Grid Forming Rivets

This prevents slippage of the stitch and even strength from end to end. 

The Competition – “Lock” Style Stitch

Epoxy Adheres Only To The Surface Of The Stitch

This allows for slippage in the crack, forcing the load from expansion to the ends of the stitch. 

The ends cannot handle the load and snap off, rendering the stitch worthless. 

A fix is temporary, Fortress is for life

Fortress is the ONLY ICC-certified, building code approved solution and only non-importing, 100% USA company. We build solid foundations for future home buyers, home inspectors, and relators and appraisers.

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