Platinum Lifetime Warranty

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Welcome to Peace of Mind

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Platinum Lifetime Warranty Registration

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    Congratulations on having a Fortress Stabilization Systems carbon kevlar strap with top and bottom anchors installed in your home. The warranty provides a “Double your money back” refund equal to the installation cost for each failed strap, not to exceed $750 per strap, plus an additional refund equal to that amount, up to $750 per strap ($1,500 max refund total per strap) to be used towards repairs to your wall as you and your contract mutually agree upon. Refunds shall be paid to installing contractor to be applied to repair costs. Fortress does not guarantee any refunds from contractor to homeowner. Should installing contractor be unavailable or no longer in business, Fortress will select a new contractor with home owner and provide funds to that contractor for repairs per the terms above.

    Fortress Stabilization Systems conditionally warrants the system for the lifetime of the foundation wall on which it was installed. The product is covered by warranty only when installed by a certified Fortress Stabilization Systems installer. The warranty is conditional on the recording of the warranty within 30 days of installation of the system. The warranty is transferable to a new owner only when the new owner transfers the warranty within 30 days of purchase of the home. Failure to properly record warranty and/or properly transfer warranty within the allotted time period of 30 days will void warranty.

    The Fortress System warranty is valid when applied to a foundation that is within the structural tolerance guidelines set forth by the American Concrete Institute, or the installation has been approved by a professional engineer.  Manufacture recommends substrate to be dry and free of debris. Carbon Kevlar grid strap must be laminated perpendicular to the fault of cracks. Only Fortress provided carbon kevlar, epoxy, and anchors may be used when installing the Fortress System. The system must be installed according to Fortress provided spacing guidelines and general installation standards. Any variances from these guidelines must have pre-approval for Fortress. Special consideration must be given to abnormal structural movement such as course of wall sliding or substrates leaning inward from lack of compression loads. The Fortress system may be used in conjunction with other materials to address these problems.

    EXCLUSIONS: Failure due to acts of nature, including but not limited to: earthquake, flood, fire, etc., collision by equipment or vehicle, construction to the wall, settlement, or walls with an excess of 2” of deflection related to bowing, and/or tipping, and/or shearing.

    Fortress certified installers are not authorized agents of Fortress Stabilization Systems, LLC.

    If a warranty issue should arise, contact the installing contractor first then Fortress at (800) 207-6204.

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