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InvisiBeam is a permanent solution for your bowing, tipping and shearing basement walls, and is the strongest residential concrete reinforcement product on the market.  The Invisibeam system covers a wide variety of applications and budgets.


Concrete Crack Repair System

The grid system by Fortress revolutionizes concrete crack repair by combining carbon fiber stitching embedded in a structural epoxy adhesive. It has been both lab and real-world tested to be stronger and more reliable than any other crack repair methods.


Patented Composite Technology

ReGrid (Reinforcement Grid) technology is an innovative solution for commercial and residential concrete structures. Utilizing an industry leading bonding process known as Adhesive Riveting Technology (ART), structural epoxy forms rivets in the open grid created by carbon fiber tows woven with Kevlar® cross threads. This chemically bonds the product to the concrete structure.

The Fortress line of products have been both lab and the real-world tested to be the strongest and most reliable concrete reinforcement products on the market.

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