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Top and Bottom Anchors Now Included In All Kits

Just like seat belts for cars, Fortress top and bottom anchors provide that last level of safety and security for the homeowner. Starting in August, all Fortress kits will come with top and bottom anchors.

Even once the wall itself is secure from movement using our carbon Kevlar straps, a potential secondary failure can come from either top or bottom shear. To solve this issue, Fortress developed, and has extensively tested the effectiveness of top and bottom anchors. The testing found that including anchors added such a dramatic increase in structural stability that it only made sense to provide all kits with top and bottom anchors.

The top anchor provides 4,500 lbs of tension, eliminating any chance of movement. The bottom anchor holds 5,500 lbs of shear load, which is over 2 times the max shear load that will ever be exerted by external pressure, providing a guaranteed stop of movement. Combined with the Fortress carbon Kevlar straps, our system provides the strongest design available.

Step-By-Step Installation Procedures

  1. Using a Fortress spacing chart for intervals, determine placement for straps, as well as top and bottom anchors.
  2. Grind the wall where the strap and anchors will be placed, top to floor.
  3. Using the bottom anchor jig, drill holes for the bottom anchor legs. Be sure to test fit to confirm holes are deep enough, and at correct angle so bottom anchor will touch wall when legs are inserted.
  4. Remove bottom anchor and set aside.
  5. Clean dust from wall and bottom anchor leg holes.
  6. Using the top anchor jig, drill fastener holes in rim joist.
  7. Insert the 4 hanger lags, placing the top bracket on hanger lags with nuts only slightly engaged.
  8. Install carbon Kevlar strap to wall following established procedures.
  9. Apply epoxy to top anchor and affix to carbon strap. Place heat lamps to top anchors to facilitate curing (approximately 1 hour).
  10. While top anchor is curing, install bottom anchor.
  11. Apply epoxy to drilled holes and legs of anchor, as well as the back side of anchor. Insert bottom anchor fully and press firmly against wall.
  12. After top anchor epoxy has cured with heat lamps fasteners are finger tightened plus two additional turns with a wrench.
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