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"We've Redefined the "I" in "I-Beam"

That's right-- wherever you can install a steal beam, you can install InvisiBeam!

  • Error proof install
  • Non-invasive composite
  • Fully anchored
  • ICC Certified

Two systems to meet the needs of every contractor:

For Contractors Doing Regular Installations

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For Contractors Doing Occasional Installations

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Give Your Home a Composite Reinforced Foundation, Only Available With the InvisiBeam® System by Fortress, and only Installed by the best Foundation Repair Companies anywhere!

If you're noticing cracks in your foundation or basement walls, look no further! For over 20 years Fortress has been a leader in foundation repair supplies. The Fortress InvisiBeam® system is hands-down the best foundation repair method available; and we work with the best basement and foundation repair companies in the United States and Canada to make sure your installation is done properly and supported by our lifetime warranty.


The InvisiBeam® Carbon Fiber / Kevlar® system works on all types of basement and foundation walls no matter how old or new. Cracking, bowing, tipping, or shearing in block walls, concrete walls, and brick walls are all fixed with the InvisiBeam® patented and unmatched design. InvisiBeam® was also the first basement wall reinforcement system to receive ICC Certification and is the only system with a lifetime warranty.


Please take a moment to review our videos and use our contractor locator to find a foundation repair company near you. Or, feel free to contact us and we'll help connect you with a contractor.

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  • The Best Foundation Repair Method available: Discover long-lasting solutions with Fortress premium foundation repair supplies. Strengthen your home's foundation walls and ensure stability for years to come. Fortress is the leading innovator of carbon fiber composite solutions for structural reinforcement and repair. Block, brick, and poured concrete walls are all no problem for our patented innovations.
  • Trusted Basement Repair Companies - Your Solution to Structural Issues: Searching for reliable basement repair companies? Look no further. Only the best become authorized installers of Fortress foundation repair supplies including the industry leading InvisiBeam basement wall reinforcement system. Our expert contractor partners specialize in restoring and fortifying your basement, ensuring a solid foundation for your home's future.
  • Life-Long Confidence: We're so confident in our foundation repair products that we stand behind them for life! Whether your walls are cracking, bowing, tipping, or shearing - our foundation repair products offer an unmatched lifetime warranty. Furthermore, our technology for basement wall repair was the first to ever receive ICC certification, meaning it meets building code requirements anywhere! 

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