Lifetime Warranty

Welcome to Peace of Mind! The InvisiBeam® Platinum System by Fortress Comes With The Strongest Warranty Available in the Home Foundation Repair Industry 


Warranty Terms & Conditions

Fortress Stabilization Systems, LLC conditionally extends a warranty on the InvisiBeam® Platinum system to the owner of the home in which the system was installed, for the lifetime of the foundation wall(s) on which it was installed. The product is covered by warranty only when vertically installed by an authorized Fortress InvisiBeam® installation contractor according to Fortress provided spacing guidelines and installation standards.

Should a failure occur, Fortress will pay in full for materials and labor to an authorized InvisiBeam® installation contractor to repair or replace defective material; or, at our discretion, Fortress may pay for an alternate solution at a cost equal to or less than the cost of material replacement or return to you the purchase price for the portion of the system that did not satisfy this warranty. The InvisiBeam® Platinum System warranty is valid when applied to an interior foundation wall to address inward deflection in the form of bowing, and or tipping, and or shearing movements. The warranty only applies when the amount of deflec- tion is within the tolerance guidelines as provided to authorized contractors in the Fortress training manual or in training facilitated by Fortress. Installations on walls with deflections exceeding these tolerances shall only be covered by warranty when accompanied by a Professional Engineer stamped design, or advance approval of the design has been obtained in writing from Fortress. The wall(s) on which the InvisiBeam® Platinum system is being installed must be free of paint, debris, or other coatings. Only Fortress provided carbon fiber/Kevlar® straps, epoxy, and anchors may be used when installing the InvisiBeam® Platinum System. Failure to install anchors shall result in voiding warranty claims related to wall tipping and/or shearing and/or strap de-bonding from the wall. Special consideration must be given to abnormal structural movement such as a course of wall sliding or substrates leaning inward from lack of compression loads. The Fortress system may be used in conjunction with other materials to address these problems. Surface cracking may still appear after the installation of an InvisiBeam® Platinum system and shall not be considered cause for a warranty claim.

EXCLUSIONS: Failure due to acts of nature, including but not limited to: earthquake, flood, fire, pest damage, excessive UV exposure, etc., collision by equipment or vehicle, construction to the wall, removal of soil on exterior of wall, deterioration of concrete, masonry, or lumber attached or adjacent to Invis- iBeam® components, wall settlement, abuse, misuse or other physical damage to the material from contact with other objects or materials. Failures due to improper installation shall be the responsibility of the installation contractor, including costs associated with replacement material. Fortress excludes and will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, whether arising out of contract, tort, or otherwise. The remedy of repair, replacement or refund of the actual purchase price of the product provided by this limited warranty is the exclusive remedy with respect to any and all loss or damage.

This Limited Warranty is only applicable in North America. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. If any specific term of this Limited Warranty is prohibited by any applicable law, it shall be null and void, but the remainder of this Limited Warranty shall remain in full force and effect.

This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Any dispute regarding this warranty or relating to your product shall be resolved exclusively in the State of Michigan, with application of Michigan law. Fortress InvisiBeam® Platinum installation contractors are not authorized agents of Fortress Stabilization Systems, LLC.

If a warranty issue should arise, contact the installing contractor first then Fortress at (800) 207-6204 or email us at

For questions about your warranty, or to receive a copy of a warranty certificate, please contact the contractor who installed your InvisiBeam system.


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