Jim Hise
Owner, Expert Basement Repair, Cleveland, Ohio

I have been in the foundation repair business for 22 years. I have personal experience with all brands of carbon fiber currently in the residential repair field, having worked for several other companies in the past. I know all the benefits and all the disadvantages of each product used in the field today, as I was responsible for the sales, installation, design and ultimately warranty service of these other brands.

I started Expert Basement Repair in 2008. This time around I became the one personally responsible for the products I represent, rather than just a salesman who passes any problems onto others. With this in mind, my choice of carbon fiber for wall stabilization was Fortress Stabilization. I chose Fortress because I found this to be a superior product in almost every category. Starting out on my very first job, Fortress was onsite for hands on training, personal insight and supervision. This was over 10 years ago and I have never looked back or doubted my decision.

Unlike competitor’s brands, Fortress installation is exacting. Proper carbon strap spacing has been engineered and time tested. Proper wall adhesion can be visually confirmed as Fortress is a grid strap and epoxy is pushed through the carbon/ Kevlar matrix when installed. A visual confirmation is all that is needed to see that no air pockets are left in the bonding epoxy...which would weaken the installation if not corrected. The 2 part epoxy is properly mixed automatically as it is applied and changes color as it is applied to confirm this. Competitors only have a dark color epoxy, then hand mixed and rolled on to the material. Their quality control is lacking in this phase.

The Fortress transferable warranty is second to none, as the customer themselves control the installation information mailed to the Fortress permanent database ( a true lifetime warranty).After years of rigorous testing, Fortress has now been granted certification with ICC...a worldwide rating and evaluation service. This standard sets Fortress and us, miles above the rest. "Miles above the rest" has been my personal standard ever since I decided I can do this work better than anyone else. Fortress has allowed me to reach my goal and keep this commitment... and for this I am thankful.

Walter M. Gural, Jr.
Owner, Down Under Waterproofing, New Jersey

I started my business in 2006. Originally starting as a dealer I ventured off to be totally independent. One thing that never changed is the product I used for bowing walls and horizontal cracks, that being the Fortress Stabilization System. It is the only product I ever used, period! When you hear the expression, "If it is not broken, don’t fix it,” that is what applies to the Fortress Stabilization System.

In the state of New Jersey, I must have done approximately 500-plus jobs with not one failure or complaint. It is not that I am a rock star. It's because I followed their protocol. I have several engineers on board. In the state of New Jersey, I am known as the strap guy. Fortress has given me training and on-going support since day one. Not one time has a phone call with a question, problem, or concern not been recognized. I have not ever had to go back to a job. The engineers spec it out and many township building inspectors recognize Down Under Waterproofing as the company that installs the Fortress product. They also assure their town people that you will not have any issues with the Fortress Stabilization carbon fiber product. They have inspected several jobs and Down Under Waterproofing follows all the specifications, protocols from the manufacturer and engineers.

Carrie Wolf
Project Manager, Chicagoland Basement Authorities, Woodstock, Illinois
I received the quote. Above and beyond customer service for helping me in a pinch.
North Carolina

I appreciated Fortress helping me get my installation corrected. There were no issues with Fortress or your product whatsoever, yet you guys went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. You weren’t obligated to do anything. That meant everything to me and speaks volumes on your dedication to the customer….I truly appreciate you guys

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