Introducing InvisiBeam – The new brand for the Fortress ICC system

When you’ve got the premier solution you want a brand that stands out. The Fortress ICC system has become the standard by which all other basement wall solutions are measured. Unfortunately, however, sometimes it gets lumped into the category of Carbon Fiber straps and its true differentiating attributes get lost.



The new InvisiBeam brand was chosen for three specific reasons:

  1. “Beam” is a term every home owner understands. Even though we’ve proven that our product is stronger than steel I-Beams, we realize that familiarity brings comfort. Using the term “Beam” establishes that familiarity with what we’re providing and how it works.
  2. We want to be clear to our prospective customers that we are not just providing another fabric carbon fiber option. InvisiBeam utilizes multiple patented components and processes that make it far superior than any carbon fiber product on the market.
  3. InvisiBeam is easy to remember, and over time we believe customers will ask for it by name. The strength of a Beam but the invisibility of a fabric that you can paint over/