Top Anchor for Concrete Porch Cap Installation

The Fortress InvisiBeam system was chosen to reinforce this cracking and bowing wall in Lafayette, Indiana. The challenge was a drop ceiling with a concrete slab. This type of ceiling does not allow for the standard post-tensioned InvisiBeam top anchors, which are designed to attach to lumber.

As an alternative, Fortress solid carbon plate anchors was used. This anchor, typically used as a bottom anti-shearing anchor on CMU block walls, can be installed with the anchoring pegs facing upwards into the slab.

The contractor cut away the drop ceiling and supported the drill jig with a lumber brace for installation. Once the anchor was attached they used that same brace to hold the anchor in place for a few minutes while the epoxy cured.

This method has been utilized several times throughout that past 5 years with great success.