Basement Corner Repair

Shortly after purchasing this New Jersey home, the new owner discovered significant foundation problems that were not discovered in the home inspection. The most significant was a serious failure to one of the corners.

Caused by significant hydrostatics pressure and an exterior patio that was settling, this corner was in serious danger of collapse if not addressed.

The homeowner hired Blue Umbrella Waterproofing to repair the corner along with a waterproofing system and over 60 InvisiBeam® straps.

The corner repair consisted of breaking away loose concrete, then forming up the corner with plywood so they could apply a multi-layer cementitious filer and coating. After the cementitious material cured, four Fortress Carbon Corner brace were installed with horizontal extensions. The extensions continued down the wall far enough that InvisiBeam® straps on each wall could be installed to over top of them to provide additional structural anchoring to the repair.