Interstate 95 Florida Skate Park

The Miami Park Authority in cooperation with The Nick Katz Charitable Foundation partnered together to build several skate parks under the I95 freeway viaducts. A construction error occurred in one of the parks in Miami as contractors drilled into structural girders to hang lighting. FDOT required the removal of the lighting and that the area be repaired in case the drilling may have hit the tensile steel in the girder. Fortress Stabilization partnered with FDOT District 6 to provide a non-invasive solution to reinstall a significant amount of surface lighting systems and reinforce the bridge.

Sophisticated design was critical and Fortress Stabilization’s engineers prevailed in creating methods to not only secure the existing lighting system, but to repair the beams through approved designs reviewed by the engineers at FDOT District 6.

Carbon fiber was specified to add tensile strength in case the steel had been compromised. In further design, 450 GSM U-Wraps with Fortec Carbon Staple Anchors were used in 160 locations to re-hang the lighting. The staple anchors were drilled on 30-degree angle into the above slab. Peel Ply was used to reduce the blush prior to a protective coating be applied.